"Always stick to integrity and principle . "
  • We should do at all costs to keep our promise of business for clients and bravely face external competitors so that we can compete in the business field without any intended dispute and slander .
  • Absolutely , we will dismiss those who make the mistakes of banding together for selfish interests ,damaging company unity and gossiping something nonsense .
"Sustainable operation"
  • Formulate and implement the overall picture, business strategies and organizational structures for each period of short (annual), medium (3-5 years) and long-term (5-10 years) .
  • Review the results of annual implementations , and adjust in time for new strategies.
"The arrangement of the expansion of the international market"
  • Keep finding us more international partners, integrate overseas resources and construct overseas production bases.
  • Expand the export market , build overseas strongholds and look for various international and professional talents to join.
  • The overall resources are actuarially and proportionally allocated to each management team for maximum operational efficiency.
"Much emphasis on Employee Benefits and the Implementation of the Assessment System"

We all believe the quality of all staffs decide whether a company prosper or not , and treat them as our greatest assets. Apart from setting up a "Employees' Welfare Committee", we regularly and properly examine each colleague the salary and welfare , appraisal examination, job rotation and promotion ... and other related systems, with a view to enabling all my colleagues to be able to suitably , fully play their talents . Bwsides , we also approve wages of colleagues by their actual performances and contributions to company to increase their loyalties , confidence, and future prosperity .


" Enable our colleagues to think logically, professionally and competitively "

How to obtain diverse logical thinking, professionalism and competitiveness is an indispensable element in the modern enterprise organizations , and we have enhanced this part through our information exchange platform, departmental education and training, lectures by outsource lecturers and the cooperation of external education and training institutions . We create colleagues various job categories to work through various educational training and learning mechanisms so as to achieve the multi-ability growth of my colleagues. Also , we hope all colleagues can experience the fun of work, self- achievement , know the true meaning of team work , and , of course , work happily in here .


New Employee Orientation

In response to the increasingly competitive market conditions, we provide newcomers intact education and training by position's needs one month before their full employment so that they can fit into thir jobs as soon as possible , which makes them achieve internal understanding, the formation of consensus, and be familiar with company culture to effectively reduce personnel changes .